The American Dental Association (ADA) reports: “the number of multi-unit dental firms with 10 or more locations grew fivefold between 1992 and 2007, as the number of dental establishments that they operate rose from 157 to 5009.” Since 2007, we have seen an explosion in corporate dental practices, as well as dramatic changes in dental insurance company policies and reimbursement.

As a direct result, independent practices nationwide are experiencing a loss of control, including: flat or declining revenues, diminishing profits, mounting debt, difficulty budgeting for higher-cost new technologies, added strain during the economic downturn, increased challenges attracting new patients, and overall difficulty managing the business side of the practice.

Now is the time for independent dentists to have access to all the resources needed to run extremely business savvy practices.


What this industry needs less of is arbitrary discounts. What we need today is true thought leadership and value that will bolster the independent dentist for the long term.

Dentistry Unchained is not your uncle’s dental group. In fact, it’s not even a dental buying group in the traditional sense. The vision is so much larger than that.

The organization started in April 2015 with 226 charter members and 3 pioneering providers (dental laboratories). The organization is now vetting offers from additional providers (suppliers), and membership numbers continue to grow.

All have been carefully selected and have one thing in common: a fierce commitment to high-integrity dentistry.


More than that, Dentistry Unchained serves to close the chasm that has grown between independent and corporate dentistry. The blog objectively reports newsworthy happenings in the seemingly separate worlds of independent and corporate dentistry, and demonstrates what might be learned from each other. The Facebook page serves as a place for lively discussion about topics that might otherwise only come up one-on-one between independent dentists.

Members-only access to the live education/educational resources that focus strictly on the business side of the practice, teaching members how to better capitalize on the practice while preserving high-integrity patient care. Strategic partners bring even more value to members’ doors, connecting them with all the resources needed to run a highly effective, efficient practice.

Dentistry Unchained unites independent practitioners for a better future for all.


The time to shed light and share knowledge is now if we are to survive and thrive in our industry. Up until now, there has been much fear around the sudden growth of corporate dental and very little objective representation of it. Dentistry Unchained seeks to change that. It is our mission to dispel fear and to empower the independent dentist with the knowledge needed to be wildly successful regardless of marketplace conditions.

This is not a matter of us against them, independent versus corporate. It is more a matter of the survival of the fittest. Dentistry Unchained is uniquely positioned to help the independent dentist become as fit as possible in a marketplace that demands it.

This is not your uncle’s dental group. This is a movement.


Dr. David Bennett has been in independent dental practice for nearly 20 years. He has bought, sold, and started multiple practices. Every year since 2008, he has been named one of “America’s Top Dentists” and since 2011 has been named a “5280 Top Dentist.” He has instructed at the university of Colorado School of Dentistry, the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies and the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum. He has received national media attention for his expertise in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dave is passionate about seeing independent dentists thrive in the ever-changing dental industry.

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips has provided marketing and business consulting to hundreds of independent dentists for over 10 years. She has launched, grown and merged four businesses. She has spoken across the country before several chapters of the Seattle Study Club as well as the Colorado Dental Association, the Los Angeles Dental Society and several other dental groups. The business Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association have awarded her for excellence in her field. Wendy has dedicated her career to helping independent dentists excel regardless of marketplace or economic conditions.