Membership is only $99, right?

Yes. Membership is just $99 per month for the lifetime of your membership if you sign up now. It will only be that low for a limited time.

What do I get for my money?

  • On supply savings alone, you will earn more than 3 times return on investment on your membership fee
  • Potential savings of more than $25,000 annually, which adds up to an exponential return on investment
  • More provider choices and unmatched benefits coming soon!

How is this different than other similar groups?

Other groups charge up to 1.4% of your practices collections! For a practice that collects $60,000 per month, that is a $840 monthly payment. We would never ask for a percentage of your production. Dentistry Unchained is a simple $99 monthly fee.

These same groups also require that you sign a membership contract for up to five years! Dentistry Unchained has no contract. We know that you will receive exceptional benefits and value as a member, and that value will make you want to stay with us. There is no need for us to use a contract to force you to stay with us.

How long is membership only $99?

Membership is only $99 for a limited time. As more providers and benefits are added, the membership fee will rise. The next increase is forecasted for July 2017, but may happen sooner as agreements are reached and new offerings are introduced. Sign up Today!

Once I sign up to be a member, how do I receive discounts?

Each of the preferred providers that you select when you sign up will be automatically notified to contact you and walk you through the process of switching to their services. Once you switch, the discounts are automatically applied to all your purchases with those preferred providers.

I don’t want to switch labs, but I am interested in saving on supplies. Can I use only the providers that I want to?

Yes. You are free to use only the available Dentistry Unchained providers you want. The more Dentistry Unchained providers you use, the more you will save.

Will more providers be available in the future?

Yes. We will be adding providers all the time.

Are all the providers of a high quality?

Absolutely. Dentistry Unchained partners only with reputable, well-known, long-standing providers in the dental industry. Just one look at the list of providers tells you this.  We research the best in the business, talking to our members about their experience with a potential provider, and then put that provider to the test, using their products and services in private practice.

What if I have a problem with my provider?

As with any business relationship, concerns should be handled directly with the party in question. In other words, all correspondence is done between the dentist and provider. At the same time, Dentistry Unchained is always looking for ways to improve service. If a problem arises, please send a detailed email to

Are there any hidden fees?

None! Dentistry Unchained is simply a membership organization that unites independent dentists with providers that wish to provide bulk discounts. And membership is only $99 per month for a limited time!

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